THE EMJAYS EXPERIENCE Emjays is a fresh funky coffee shop serving amazing quality organic coffee. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coffee, selecting only the very best organic coffee beans. Each and every coffee poured at emjays is created using the emjays house blend which is an exquisite blend of the very best organic coffee beans available in the world today.

We love our coffee and are always striving to give our many happy regulars the absolute best experience they can have. We know a whole lot about coffee but are fortunately not uptight pompous freaks!

Emjays also has a wide selection of options from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menu’s. Freshly prepared by our chefs onsite, 7 days a week.

Our Coffee

PASSION FOR QUALITY COFFEEAt emjays we do love to experiment with coffee – trying out different single origins, blends, roasting styles, and brew methods. Coffee is essentially a fresh product, particularly so after roasting. Each coffee farm in each and every corner of the globe experiences seasonal fluctuations in growing conditions and changes each year in rainfall, sunlight, soil conditions, weather events, etc, etc.

Due to these variable factors each coffee crop from each farm is different every year. This is very exciting as it means coffee constantly evolves and changes. With our two house blends we aim to maintain consistent flavour profiles over time with the coffees that are available to us and will also tweak the blend occasionally to remain on the forefront of the specialty coffee industries natural evolution.

Passion For Coffee
Our Blends
Coffee Mug

JUNGLE FEVERThis vastly rich yet balanced medium roast is distinctly nuanced from nose to finish with a deep bittersweet raisin-toned chocolate. This blend cuts through milk particularly well. This blend has won silver medal in the Golden Bean competition in 2014.

WILD BOARThis full bodied darker roast is deep and complex upfront on the palate with mild acidity and a smooth finish. Perfect served with milk. This blend has won silver medal in the Golden Bean competition in 2009 & bronze in 2012.

BLACK BEARA delightful balance between citrus & sweet peaches with a smooth creamy mouth feel. A light two bean blend that is best suited for espresso or black coffee. This blend won silver medal in the filter coffee category of the Golden Bean in 2014.